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  • Its proprietary high-temp fiberoptic cable with significantly less optical resistance, greater immunity to radiation and greater resilience to micro bending. This fiber cable product is superior to anything else on the market and allows the Intelligent Communication & Monitoring System (ICMS) delivery platform to function at much higher temperatures.


  • The ICMS is a ruggedized, intelligent, high-speed, communications infrastructure backbone engineered for harsh environments capable of functioning at 1,200 degrees (F) for a minimum of 1 hour. TMC was the first to combine both power and communications in the same cable to ensure that critical applications that require both power and communications will continue to function. TMC’s ICMS technology specification was adopted as the basis for the new C22.2 No. 267-10 International Wiring Standard and formally published on November 16, 2010. The ICMS Cable is the only product of its kind capable of meeting the new C22.2 No. 267- 10 International Wiring Standard.
  • This standard applies to fire-resistant-rated, armored, thermally-insulated, strain-relieved, multi-conductor, segmented, power and communications cable systems, rated up to 600 V and is intended for use in industrial, commercial and emergency applications.
  • This new standard is being harmonized across the 2 remaining standard setting bodies; British Research Establishment (BRE/LPCB), which is the standards setting body for Europe (who has issued TMC a preliminary certification approval number), and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).


  • This is a revolutionary new class of technology specifically engineered for the infrastructure industry. Designed for the uniform delivery of Information Systems, Building Automation, Integrated Facilities Management, Life-Safety, Security, Loss Mitigation, Business Continuity, Emergency Response, Disaster Recovery and Threat Protection.
  • The ICMS platform is unparalleled in its ability to be integrated and adapted to existing specifications or environments, while providing an unprecedented level of scalability and customization for both existing and Greenfield environments. The ICMS is unmatched from a physical and electronic security or fail-safe perspective and can be used for urban, rural, mountainous or desert environments as well as horizontal, vertical or broad geographic applications.
  • The ICMS delivery platform is comprised of 3 primary elements; ICMS Cable, ICMS Active Junction and ICMS Radar.
  • The ICMS delivery platform has been specifically designed to solve a series of interoperability, latency, bandwidth, signal loss, signal strength and resiliency problems identified in the report on the 9/11 Response. The ICMS delivery platform can be used as an in-building emergency communications solution for building owners and First Responders.