Transportation Solutions

Transportation Solutions
Technology Mining Co has developed technologies for each and every one of these challenges, based on cutting-edge, patented technologies that can detect and report detailed information on all these scenarios under the most adverse of conditions, including active attack scenarios, power disruption, and more.

Transportation Security: Perimeter

  1. Proactive Challenge: How do you know when someone is about to attack your perimeter (before they actually do)
  2. Position Challenge: If someone has breached your perimeter, do you know where they have breached it?
  3. Potential Severity Challenge: How do you know the size of the threat (i.e. the number of the attacking force?)
  4. People Challenge: How can you monitor this without depending on fallible people to watch a screen?
  5. Identification Challenge: Can you identify who it is who is penetrating the perimeter? (e.g. identification of a passer-by versus hostiles)
  6. Real-time Communications Challenge: How do you empower security forces with more up to date information when situations change?

Transportation Security: Terminal

  1. Abandoned or Missing Objects: Can your team find all objects left in crowded or busy areas, or detect objects removed from busy areas?
  2. Vandalism: Can your team detect vandalism or graffiti attempts and prevent if possible?
  3. Crowd Assessment: Can your team perform crowd counts to determine traffic and tactical responses?
  4. Behavior Analysis: Can your team do behavior analysis and tracking of odd behavior, to determine if someone is planning illicit activities? (e.g. moving from door to door in a hallway, checking if one is unlocked)
  5. Slip and Fall Detection: Can your team do slip and fall detection among passengers and assess whether someone has actually fallen or whether it is a distraction tactic?
  6. Directional Traffic Integrity: Can your team ensure directional controls for passenger traffic. (e.g. Ensure that people don’t re-enter restricted areas once they have exited.)
  7. Intruder Detection: Can your team ensure thorough intruder detection and terminal perimeter protection?