Nuclear Energy Solutions

Nuclear Energy Solutions

The ICMS Technology is a Revolutionary new, Single Failure Compliant Intelligent Communications & Monitoring System for the Nuclear Energy Industry.

Resilient’s Intelligent Communications & Monitoring System (ICMS) for the Nuclear Energy Industry is Appendix “B” qualified and delivers superior availability and safety performance.

Resilient’s ICMS is a must for clients who are considering LTO upgrades, EPU modifications, Security System Upgrades, and Fukushima Modifications that need to maximize the safety and performance of their assets. If you are challenged with reducing investment and lifecycle costs, meeting new safety standards, combating tough competitive pressure in your markets and protecting the welfare of your employees as well as the environment, then Resilient’s Intelligent Communications & Monitoring System is for you.

A powerful, scalable design with the assurance of continuous operation, Resilient’s ICMS complies with Domestic and International standards such IEC61508, IEEE and meets the requirements for applications such as Emergency Shutdown (ESD) as well as EQ testing in meeting LOCA conditions.

The redundant high-availability architecture provides a flexible, robust and reliable solution that’s powerful and ideal for clients looking to optimize their choice of platform for their specific critical control and safety requirements.

The ICMS offers the highest availability and reliability in the market while providing a lower-cost entry point into the industry-leading fault-tolerant, safety system product line. It has low operational and maintenance costs and it enables the use of the richest safety and critical controls and communications applications available in the industry.

ICMS Technology Benefits

  • Maximizes process/plant uptime
  • Improves performance and profitability
  • Lowers investment and total lifecycle costs
  • Complies with International safety standards
  • Meets safety targets
  • Mitigates environmental damage
  • Helps you to avoid penalties, fines for non-compliance
  • Enables competitive advantage in your markets

ICMS Technology Capabilities

  • EQ Certified for SIL2 applications in accordance with IEEE, 10CFR50 Appendix “B” , NQA-1 and International Standards IEC61508
  • Easily engineered to be integrated with all major Distributed Control Systems
  • On-line component replacement ensures plant availability
  • Works with both centralized and distributed applications
  • Integrates seamlessly with all major Asset Management Systems
  • Fast program cycle time for all applications
  • Expert advice available from our Resilient Subject Matter Expert consultants and Functional Safety Experts