Border & Perimeter Solutions

Border and Perimeter Solutions
The essence of perimeter security is to be proactive – to know that someone is about to breach your perimeter, and to give you enough time to react successfully. Whether you are securing the perimeter for an airport, or a building, or a power plant, it all comes down to the same issue – How can you protect against threats proactively?

Border and Perimeter Safety

  1. Proactive Challenge: How do you know when someone is about to attack your perimeter (before they actually do)
  2. Position Challenge: If someone has breached your perimeter, do you know where they have breached it?
  3. Potential Severity Challenge: How do you know the size of the threat (i.e. the number of the attacking force?)
  4. People Challenge: How can you monitor this without depending on fallible people to watch a screen?
  5. Identification Challenge: Can you identify who it is who is penetrating the perimeter? (e.g. identification of a farmer versus hostiles)
  6. Real-time Communications Challenge: How do you empower security forces with more up to date information when situations change?

Border and Perimeter Security

  1. Abandoned or Missing Objects: Can your team find all objects left in crowded or busy areas, or detect objects removed from busy areas?
  2. Vandalism: Can your team detect vandalism or graffiti attempts and prevent if possible?
  3. Crowd Assessment: Can your team perform crowd counts to determine traffic and tactical responses?
  4. Behavior Analysis: Can your team do behavior analysis and tracking of odd behavior, to determine if someone is planning illicit activities? (e.g. moving from door to door outside the facility, checking if one is unlocked)
  5. Directional Traffic Integrity: Can your team ensure directional controls for foot traffic. (e.g. Ensure that people don’t re-enter restricted areas once they have exited.)
  6. Intruder Detection: Can your team ensure thorough intruder detection and perimeter protection?

Technology Mining Co has developed technologies for each and every one of these challenges, based on cutting-edge, patented technologies that can detect and report detailed information on all these scenarios under the most adverse of conditions, including active attack scenarios, power disruption, and more.