Early Detection Proactive™ – A new capability from a new category of technology

The key to a successful security environment is Proactiveness. With the high cost of a safety & security system it is not enough to identify a security threat after damage has been done. A safety or security threat must be identified AND understood before it is allowed to produce the full scale of its potential damage. These systems must also be able to provide dependable real-time information about the threats specific attributes such as the type of threat and location, is it broken glass from an earthquake, or hurricane, or an intruder, how many people are involved, are they armed, are vehicles involved, etc. Being able to get specific information before the threat occurs provides the best chance of preventing damage or loss of life. This capability is even more important with a nation’s critical infrastructure, since the effects of an attack are magnified many times over an attack on a tactical resource. It is therefore tremendously important that strategies and technologies used to protect strategic infrastructure be infused with the ability to provide decision makers with the tools to respond to potential life-safety and security issues proactively.

The strategy and technology that Technology Mining Co has developed is based on the core principle of Proactiveness. The core of these systems is based on a new category of technology we refer to as Protective Intelligent Infrastructure™. This new class of technology provides our clients with the ability to respond to potential problems before that problem can gain momentum and cause damage and/or loss of life. This capability and new level of functionality is called Early-Detection-Proactive™ (EDP) and is a product of this new class of technology we have pioneered called Protective Intelligent Infrastructure. EDP-based systems are specifically engineered to eliminate or significantly reduce the likelihood of any developing life-safety or security threat from gaining momentum. Contact us to learn more.
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